Adobe Photoshop 4 Day Masterclass


Learn Photoshop from intro to an advanced level in just 4 days.

Master this powerful toolbox by producing professional qualify images for web, print and mobile devices. Learn to use layers, and to apply layer effects and filters to create special effects, including lighting and texture effects.

Enhance your ability to create accurate masks, image effects, and retouch images. Further your understanding of isolating image areas by creating and saving masks with specialized tools, commands, modes, and layer elements.


Photoshop Screen


Learn Photoshop from intro to an advanced level in just 4 days.


This course has been designed for the professional who wants to create and manipulate graphics using Adobe Photoshop CS3 for final print and web output. This will take delegates from an intro to an advanced level. Target customers are advertising agencies, marketing agencies, production houses, or departments that work in such disciplines within the larger organization.


Basic PC skills are necessary to complete this course. These skills include: a basic understanding of a computer's operating system, launching an application, creating and saving files, and copying files from CDs and other media


Managing the Adobe Photoshop CS Environment
Preferences - Enhanced in CS3
Exploring Photoshop CS’s Interface - Enhanced in CS3
Customize the Adobe Photoshop CS Workspace with Presets
Customize Menus
Work with Adobe Photoshop CS File Properties
Using the Colour Mode
Apply Metadata and Keywords
Output to Print
Explain the differences between vector graphics and raster (bitmap) image
Using file formats in Photoshop
Ruler and Count tool - New in CS3
Creating Actions and Droplets
Painting and Retouching Images
Paint an Object
Ruler and Count tool - New in CS3
Retouch an Image
Create a Gradient
Create a Pattern
Creating Vector Shapes
Adjusted cloning and healing with preview overlay - New in CS3
Image Manipulation
Adjust the Tonal Range of an Image
Brightness/Contrast - Enhanced in CS3
Curves - Enhanced in CS3
Black and White Conversion - New in CS3
Use the Exposure Dialog Box
Work with Filters
High Density Range - Enhanced in CS3
Smart Filters - New in CS3
Photomerge with advanced alignment blending - New in CS3
Working with Layers
Create and Use Layers
Create and Use Smart Objects
Create Layer Styles
Work with Multiple Layers
Layer Comps
Create and Modify Selections
Utilising Layer masks
Adjustment layers
Blending Options
Working with Selections
Quick Selection tool - New in CS3
Refine Edges Feature - New in CS3
Magic Wand Tool
Working with Oval and Circular Selections
Selecting with the Lasso Tools
Cropping an Image and Erasing with a Selection
Masks and Channel
Creating a Quick Mask
Editing a Quick Mask
Saving a Selection
Editing a Mask
Extracting an Image
Creating a Gradient Mask
Applying Effects Using a Gradient Mask
Correcting and Enhancing Digital Photos
Clipping Masks
Library Presets
Managing libraries by using the Preset Manager
The Pen Tool
Creating Clipping Paths
Shape Layers
Vector Masks
Correcting Digital Photographs
Editing with Vanishing Point- Enhanced in CS3
Correcting Image Distortion
Creating a PDF Portfolio
Next Generation Camera RAW - Enhanced in CS3
Processing Camera RAW Files
Typographic Design
Creating a Clipping Mask From Type
Creating a Design Element From Type
Interactive Formatting Controls
Warping Point Type
Designing a Paragraph of Type
Warping a Layer
Adobe Bridge
Improved performance - Enhanced in CS3
Filter panel - New in CS3
Import photos from a digital camera card - New in CS3
Compare and preview images
Compare multiple images in the Preview panel and use the Loupe tool to zoom in on image previews - New in CS3
Version Cue Inspector and Version Cue buttons - Enhanced in CS3
Workspace flexibility - Enhanced in CS3

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