Adobe Photoshop training for all levels through out the UK.


Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard software for editing digital images. Widely used across print, internet and multimedia industries, this course will benefit anyone needing a good grounding from which to develop highly effective Photoshop skills. The course content will enable delegates to scan and import images into the program, use commands for editing and exporting these files, and learn techniques for creating original artwork.


Photoshop Screen


Anyone who is interested in working with digital images and is looking to develop good working practice in Adobe Photoshop.


Familiarity with Windows or Mac environment required. No previous Photoshop experience is necessary, though any knowledge of graphic, photographic or internet working practices would be beneficial.



+ Use basic navigation tools
+ Set basic image characteristics
+ Correct brightness and colour
+ Use retouching techniques
+ Work with multiple undos
+ Define selections
+ Work with layers
+ Use special effects


Photoshop essentials
the Photoshop interface
setting general preferences
using the tool options palette
organizing palettes and document views
using navigation tools/ navigator palette
using online help
using the history palette - multiple undo
history brush and snapshots
The characteristics of a Photoshop file
pixels and paint programs
image resolution, dimensions and file size
image colour types and the channels palette
understanding file formats jpeg, gif, tiff psd etc
setting basic image characteristics
cropping and rotating artwork
changing image resolution and artwork size
changing the canvas Size
making colour mode conversions
saving and exporting files for web and print
correcting an image
auto contrast, auto levels and auto colour commands
histogram palette
levels command
colour balance and variations
dodge and burn tools
hue and saturation command
sharpening and blurring filters
focus tools
clone stamp tool
patch and heal tools
colour replacement tool
defining selections
lasso, magic wand and marquee tools
selecting by colour range
feathering selections
modifying and transforming selection shape
saving and loading selections
defringing a copied selection
painting and drawing
mixing and applying paint and fill colours
print and web safe colours
airbrush, pencil and paintbrush tools
working with brushes
paint bucket tool
gradient fill tool
drawing shapes
creating vector shape layers
polygon, line and custom shape tools
adding colour, gradient and pattern fills
applying and editing type
text distortions
Working with layers
creating transparency using erasers
layers palette
building a multi-layered document
moving, scaling and rotating layers
Drop shadows, glows and embossed effects
Using the layer styles palette
linking layers and aligning layers
locking and protecting layers
creating layers for pattern and fill effects
type layers
rasterising shape and text layers
saving and flattening layered documents
layer Sets
lock and protect options for layers
Special effects
using Photoshop filters
fading the effects of filters
liquify command
printing /optimizing documents
printing from Photoshop
save for web command
creating transparent gif files

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