Adobe Illustrator Masterclass Training


Discover high quality drawing and illustration with Adobe Illustrator CS3. You will start with an overview of Illustrator and work on lessons that will step you into a greater skill level. Discover the unique features of Illustrator, including how to create logos, professional type effects, complex airbrush effects and colour control.

Create complex illustrations, print documents without any errors or colour mismatches, or prepare illustrations for the web. In this Illustrator course, you will create complex, robust illustrations that go beyond those you could create using Adobe Illustrator CS3 basic tools.


Illustrator Screen


Use Adobe Illustrator to create logos, professional type effects, complex airbrush effects and colour control using Illustrator CS3 & perfect complex logos that support PDF and PSD files ready for conversion to raster and vector graphics for posters and web graphics with full colour management


Basic system knowledge


Part One
Creating basic Documents
Explore the pre built Document Profiles
Shortcuts to navigate the Art board effectively
Work in a Custom Workspace
Drawing in Illustrator
Use the Pen tool for straight lines
Add, delete or adjust points along a path
Understand how Bezier Curves work, learn to draw and edit these Curves
Freeform drawing and editing with this powerful tool
Create Logos using simple Shapes
Using Live Trace to transform your hand drawn sketches into vector artwork that can be further adjusted
Modifying Objects
Lasso select and the other goodies in the Select Menu
Transform objects with scale, shear, rotate & reflect tool
Be precise using Smart Guides, Grids & Guidelines
Align, Group & Duplicate to achieve better results
Layers palette: Hide & Lock Objects
Intro to Isolation Mode for effective editing
Working with Colours in Illustrator
Difference between Swatches and Colour palette
Applying colour to Stroke and/or Fill
Adjusting Stroke with the Stroke palette
Live Colour for perfect Complementary / Analogous colours
Live Paint as an easy way to colour artwork
Introducing Gradients & Patterns
Text copy in Illustrator
Point, Area and Type on a path
Import Body Type & fix Spelling Errors
Find and Replace Text or Insert Typographic Characters
Create Text Outlines to design your own fancy headlines
Outputting your Artwork
Defining cropping area
Saving your artwork in vector formats
Save for Web & Devices

Part Two
Creating Complex Illustrations
Make use of Outline Strokes technique
Explore Shape Modes and Pathfinder palette - create Compound Paths for trendy grunge effects
Use Expand Appearance to modify individual elements
Create your own Custom Brushes: Calligraphy,
Scatter or Art, to place objects along a path
Keep your paths Simple & Cleaned Up
Graphs - use your own artwork instead of a simple bar
Modifying Artworks
Envelope Distort & other forms of Warping objects
Clipping Mask for advanced design
Transparency for more polished look
Create drop shadows, glows and more using the
Stylize Live Effects
Share the appearance attributes with Graphic Styles
Explore Gradient Mesh & its ability to add realistic 3D shading and highlights to 2D graphics
Learn the difference between Filters & Live Effects
Blend shapes or groups for advanced compositions
Advanced Typographical Features
Character Palette - adjust the kerning, baseline shift, horizontal & vertical scaling
Paragraph Palette - Justification and Hyphenation options
Use the 3D feature to extrude text and other Illustrator objects
Printing your Artwork
Simulate multiple pages in Illustrator using the art board and document setup
Flattening Transparency for raster effects like drop shadows, glows and blurs
Creating separations with Spot colour vs. Process colour
Enhancing your workflow
Explore Links & Actions palettes
Export to Flash (SWF)
Use Symbols to create elements used repeatedly in animations and complex artworks
Use the Release to Layers command to distribute all of the objects on a layer onto separate, individual layers for quick web animations
Creating Smart objects, Dragging-and-dropping and exporting layers into Photoshop

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