AutoCAD Masterclass Training Outline


This course is for everyone who wants to get ahead with AutoCAD, its a course designed for people who are entirely new to AutoCAD but want to learn more than the basics. The AutoCAD MasterClass is a combination of the AutoCAD Essentials & the AutoCAD Impressions courses.


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An understanding of CAD, drafting, technical drawing and design will be an advantage but not absolutely necessary and we would advise that you have a general knowledge of these topics before starting the course.


Taking the AutoCAD Tour
Navigating the Working Environment
Working with Files
Displaying Objects
Creating Basic Drawings
Inputting Data
Creating Basic Objects
Using Object Snaps
Using Polar Tracking and PolarSnap
Using Object Snap Tracking
Working with Units
Using Function Keys
Manipulating Objects
Selecting Objects in the Drawing
Changing an Object’s Position
Creating New Objects from Existing Objects
Changing the Angle of an Object’s Position
Changing Part of an Object’s Shape
Creating a Mirror Image of Existing Objects
Creating Object Patterns
Changing an Object’s Size
Drawing Organization and Inquiry Commands
Using Layers
Object Properties
Matching Object Properties
Using the Properties Palette
Using Linetypes
Using Inquiry Commands
Altering Objects
Trimming and Extending Objects to Defined
Creating Parallel and Offset Geometry
Joining Objects
Breaking an Object into Two Objects
Applying a Radius Corner to Two Objects
Creating an Angled Corner Between Two Objects
Changing Part of an Object’s Shape
Creating Parallel and Offset Geometry<
Joining Objects
Breaking an Object into Two Objects
Applying a Radius Corner to Two Objects
Changing Part of an Object’s Shape
Using Grips
Annotating Drawings
Creating Multiline Text
Creating Single Line Text
Using Text Styles
Editing Text
Hatching Objects
Hatching Objects
Editing Hatch Objects
Creating Dimensions
Using Dimension Styles
Editing Dimensions
Working with Reusable Content
Using Blocks
Working with DesignCenter
Using Tool Palettes
Creating Additional Drawing Objects
Working with Polylines
Creating Splines
Creating Ellipses
Using Tables
Layouts and Plotting
Using Layouts
Using Page Setups
Using Viewports
Plotting Drawings
Autodesk Impressions
Introduction to Impressions
Creating with Impressions
Creating from 2D CAD files
Creating Textures
Drawing Objects
Revision Clouds
Manipulating Objects & Data
Using Quick Select
Purging Objects
Point Objects
Dividing and Measuring Objects
Geometry Calculator
Dimensioning and Annotation
Introduction to Annotation Scaling
Controlling Annotation Scale
Using Multileaders
Centre Marks
Ordinate Dimensions
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerances
Dimension Styles & Overrides
Reusable Content
Using DesignCentre
Creating Custom Tool Palettes
Managing and Sharing Tool Palettes
Using External References
Importing Other Filetypes
Blocks & Attributes
Edit & Extract Attributes
Dynamic Blocks
Using Dynamic Blocks
Parameter Sets
Creating Dynamic Blocks
Layer Management & Best Practices
Layer Filters
Layer States Manager
Layer Standards
Layouts & Views
Creating Layouts
Modifying Layouts & Using Page Setups
Creating Layout Viewports
Working with Layout Viewports
Controlling Object Visibility in Layout
Controlling Annotation Scales in Viewports
Plotter Configuration Files
Plot Style Tables
Publishing Drawings
Introduction to Sheet Sets
Creating Sheet Sets
Working with Sheet Sets
Setting Sheet Set Properties
Using Fields in Sheet Sets
Using Attributes in Sheet Sets
Publishing, Transmitting, and Archiving Sheet Sets
Creating Tables
Table Styles
Creating and Modifying Tables
Creating Tables from External Data
Advanced Table Contents
Extracting Attributes to Tables
Exporting and Importing Tables
Working with Layouts
Using Layouts
Using Viewports
Annotating the Drawing
Creating Multiline Text
Creating Single Line Text
Using Text Styles
Editing Text
Plotting Your Drawings
Using Page Setups
Plotting Drawings

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